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We accept articles from our respected guest writers. If you intend to publish your articles on pour site, ensure that it is unique and interesting, and it adheres to our editorial guidelines.

Editorial Guidelines

We recommend the minimum number of words as 500.

Keep the article title around 9-12 words. Also, ensure it is relevant to article content.

Use bullets, numbers, and subheadings to make the article snappy.

Keep the sentences and paragraphs short.

Avoid complex and compound-complex sentences.

Avoid using jargon unnecessarily. If you have to jargon, also explain it to the layman users.

Prefer writing in active voice and the first-person.

Avoid using passive voice.

Cite the sources where necessary.

You can include social profile links of companies or people you mention in the body.

You can include relevant images, but you be either the owner or copyright permission to use that image.

Include a brief author bio with a headshot.

You can include links to your social profiles.

We reserve the right to edit article content for style and the right to reject the article or any part, including images.

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