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What Type Of Backlinks Does Your Business Needs?a

How to build top-notch backlinks in a scalable way? 

Sure your online business needs one. In past, link building is a piece of cake: you would write content (articles, blogs, posts), submit them to an article submission site and get an external link back to your site. That ‘Doesn’t’ work in the upcoming highly competitive era. While the right backlinks can grow your rank in search engine optimization pages (SERPs), revenue, and brand image, the wrong one can get your site penalized.

We bet you have heard the following advice on marketing blogs, in some form or another. “In a dynamic SEO landscape, you need to publish high-quality content to earn links.”

This is not the most practical advice. 

Remember, backlinks remain a vital quality ranking signal for search engines. According to the study, almost all of the web pages with high page ranking in SERPs had an external, high linking pointing at them. The relationship between Google ranking and links is that approximately 99% of all top results had at least one external link pointing to the website. Moreover, with this, approximately 80% of top results had at least one external link pointing to the page. 

And writing useful content without proactively building natural links is not the best strategy with over a million posts getting published every day. What is most crucial here is how the variety, quality, and quantity of natural links affect your website ranking within overall SERPs, as a result.

For achieving the best results, you need to execute a powerful search engine optimization campaign based on the competition within your industry. In the blog, we have highlighted the sort of links you should pursue, based on the current trends, algorithms, and type of business. 

 Get on a bandwagon to unravel the back-linking puzzle. Let’s begin with the links you should avoid.

Google algorithm evaluates each backlink differently. Here are these that are not effective.

  • Low-quality article directory submission web pages. 
  • Performing link exchanges at scale.
  • Using thousands of automatically generated links
  • Paid links that generate brand awareness

Knowing what kind of links to avoid is not enough, because every business is at a different stage with its own set of challenges and conditions. Here are three common business conditions to help you pursue the most appropriate back-linking for your business. 

 These three situations help you determine your appropriate backlinking type:

If You Get Under 100 Website Visitors/Day

If you are at the beginning stage of building your website, these three strategies can help you score high-quality backlinks.  

Guest posting – building your brand is crucial to your blog’s growth. Guest blogging on a reputable website is a great way to build a brand reputation. 

Guestographic method – as you start doing guest posting you will see that many blogs don’t allow follow links and require an author bio only. In such cases, infographics can help you. You can use them to build contextually relevant backlinks from your article body. 

Social Media Marketing – social media shares don’t guarantee a high page rank. But social media is a great channel for getting exposure to your content and increasing your brand value. 

You Have Got The Backbone Of High Quality And Authoritative Content. 

Once you achieve a handful of daily visitors, you should craft an in-depth piece of compelling content that adds credibility to your content. Choosing an in-demand subject for writing is critical for this high-quality content. These tactics can help you find relevant content and promote your content to score high-quality follow links. 

  • Use reverse engineering techniques, by using different tools. For example, if your blog is related to logo designing, search for logo-related keywords.
  • Internal linking to your authoritative content from relevant blog posts helps your website’s overall search engine optimization. 

Your Business Doesn’t Have a Budget For Creating High-Quality Content. 

Let’s face the truth – it is difficult to create quality content. It is also costly to outsource content marketers. But, most backlinking strategies rely on content creation. What if your team doesn’t have the skill to craft persuasive content? Or what if not give to desire results? 

Follow these:

  • Broken link building
  • See what competitors are doing to generate backlinks
  • Get interviewed with high domain and traffic media websites. 

Backlinks are difficult but are not impossible. Keep building backlinks using strategies. Just avoid spam sources.

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