Terms and Condition

By entering into this agreement with www.dgviz.com for the offered services/products including, without limitation, logo design, website design and development, website revamp, stationery and branding, application/app, search engine optimization, and copywriting, you hereby agree to lawfully abide by the policies and terms and conditions set forth in this statement.

In this document, the following terms refer to www.dgviz.com:

In this document, the following terms refer to Visitors/Clients/Customers:

In this document, the terms ‘Product’ ‘Order’ and ‘Service’ refer to, without limitation, the following:







Business card



Website design

Web development



Video scripts





We always encourage and appreciate that you read this term of service statement very carefully for the reason that you are to comply with every clause in this statement when you employ any of our services/products. In case you do not accept these Terms of Service, you may not use our services/products to avoid complications.

www.dgviz.com reserves the rights of amendments, modifications, updates, or changes to these Terms and Conditions when deemed necessary.

1. Colors

We use two color themes by default, i.e., RGB and CMYK. RGB format is used if you need the product for the web only use, while CMYK format is used when the product is required for print as well. Thus, you have to specify the format you want beforehand.

2. File Format

The finalized product source file can be sent in .psd .jpg .gif .png .ai .jpg .gif .tiff .png formats while you can specify your particular required formats as well.

3. Printing

The colors and appearance of a digital design may look very differently or not so appealing as it does on the digital medium. Therefore, it is important to notify earlier if you need it for printing purposes so that our designers can make your product in CMYK format. However, you may ask for a revision if the product does not look good in printing. In addition, it is important to know that we do not provide any product in print, but for printing purposes.

4. Revisions

We offer unlimited revision, which means until you finalize your ordered product and the receipt of source files confirms the finalization of your order. In addition, you will not be charged any extra amount for revisions until you finalize your product. However, having received the finalized product, you may not request any revisions, or else the request will be treated as a new order placement for redesigning.

5. Cancellation

When you place an order, working starts with our administrative department, which leads to the designing department. Our working starts within 24 hours after your order placement at maximum. In the event of cancellation of your order, you can claim a refund; however, the following conditions will be applicable for a refund.

5.1.) If you cancel your order within 24 hours, we do not deduct any amount at all since we might not have started the designing process by that time.

5.2.) If you cancel your order in the middle of the order process, 50% amount will be deducted for the done work, and it applies to all orders.

6. Payment

You need to make payment at the time you place your order for the desired product. As soon as your payment is confirmed, the working process will start.

You will be redirected to the payment processor as soon as you fill in the order form and proceed to checkout. We use the payment processor, which is secure and employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which assures that your credit card information is absolutely secure.

7. VAT/Tax

The prices of all the packages do not include VAT or Tax. The clients with a billing address in UK will be charged VAT at the applicable rate. The EU clients can provide a legitimate VAT number and may not be charged VAT, while the clients outside UK and EU will not be charged VAT.

8. Refunds

We allow complete refunds in the following situations;

8.1) If we remain unsuccessful in delivering what we promise to you in terms of quality and delivery time.

8.2) If we are overloaded with orders and feel that we cannot give our 100% output in your product; however, you can choose to show patience and wait until we start working on your product or proceed to claim a refund.

In case you are refunded your amount, you may not use any delivered work in any way and anywhere.

9. Deadline

Every package has a different period of deadline for completion, and we are wholly liable to meeting the deadline promised in your sleeted product package and may bear any loss in case of missing the deadline. However, we may intimate you earlier in case we find ourselves unable to meet the deadline and set a new deadline with mutual consensus.

10. Review

Our designers send the drafts of the product concepts as soon as the assigned personnel completes them and incorporates the suggestions and make changes as per your comments, and resends them to you for further comments or finalization.

11. Finalization

Having reviewed and given comments for incorporation in the first drafts of the product, you are resent the products, and it goes on till you confirm the finalization.

Finalization of the product means asking for the final files and sources files. As soon as you confirm the receipt of finalized files, the project is considered to be complete.

12. Delivery

Every product in every package is completely based on digital delivery and will be sent to you via email at your specified email address. Hence, we are not liable to send any physical products in any way.

13. Ownership Rights

The moment you make a payment for an order, you gain complete ownership rights for the prospective product, and it is absolutely confirmed with the delivery of the finalized product. The delivery also means that we no longer hold ownership rights and cannot use the product without your permission.

14. Amendments

www.dgviz.com may amend any clause stated in this very Terms of Service Statement if and whenever needed. The changes will be notified with prior notice of the effective date of the amended and updated clauses.