Magazines Ad Designs Examples That Got The Message Across

In this digital era, ask everyone what they do in their leisure time, and most probably the answer is what you are expecting – relaxing and scrolling through social media platforms. 


Does your idea of a relaxing afternoon involve enjoying snacks while flipping through the pages of your favorite magazine? You are not alone. According to a recent study, millions of people read the magazine in the US alone. Think about why many brands invest in excellent magazine ad designs. Magazines are one of the best channels to market products and services, because of their huge audience.

In the blog, we will discuss the nitty-gritty involved in advertising art and give a few best examples of magazine ads that will inspire you as you brainstorm for your material. No idea how to make a captivating magazine ad just the way your competitor does? No need to enroll in a crash course. Whenever startups or businesses need top-notch design they turn to designers. Why? They cost-effectively offer unlimited design so you have all the visuals you need to grow your brand. Graphic designers have immense experience in creating graphics for various niches, so you will be in good hands. 


Keep in mind the following factors when brainstorming for advertisement design ideas:

  • Concise message
  • Powerful ideas and images
  • Design elements
  • Brand voice

Ensuring these factors help you gear up your brand credibility and attract more audience.


iPod Shuffle

The captivating design of this iPod shuffle ad uses the product to map out a running route around a peaceful view of New York City’s Central Park. The device is used by joggers and people that like to listen to music while they exercise or run, so the ad is a creative way to present the product as relatable to consumers. This view attracts athletes to add this gadget to their buying list. 


The simple tagline of “pass the Heinz” is deeply rooted in pop culture, so it might sound relative. It originated from the famous TV series “Mad Men”. In one of the scenes, the marketing guru pitches a series of Heinz ads with images of food but no ketchup in sight.

His next clever move?

Saying “Pass the Heinz”

The idea was to connect people with the food that goes so well with ketchup. This creates a strong relationship with the food.  Even you will now hear youngsters saying fries are incomplete without ketchup.


This brand uses three-letter airport codes to convey a message to the readers to take a luxurious vacation in exotic locations. Moreover, agency employees saw a woman at an airport with an IATA code hanging off her suitcase, which promoted the idea. The messaging, “Find whatever floats your boat” appears in passport style stamp just below, making it more memorable, humorous, and creative. 

Burger King

This is an example of how an unfortunate event can be used for advertising purposes from a different angle or in a more positive way. The ad is laced with a bit of dark humor, so it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s sure to be different from others. Fast-food chain Burger King holds an infamous record for most restaurants that have burned down. They also take very vocal pride in flame-grilling their meat and not frying it.


See Adidas ads and you will see how they demonstrate how space and surface can play an integral role in ad design and its message. The Adidas forever sports campaigns use the fold and images of women exercising in such a way that when the audience opens and closes the pages, the person with stretches and performs crunches and brings life to the advertisement. 

Benefits of Following Ads

Now that we have looked few examples of captivating ads, it’s time to scrutinize them and determine the brownie point that makes them so different.

  • Concise copy
  • Font simplicity
  • Benefits
  • Unique selling strategies
  • Original and eye-catching visuals

In a nutshell, print ads still capture the interest and attention of the potential audience, especially millennials despite the advent of the digital age. The examples we mentioned showcase the perfect synergy of goal-oriented copy, intelligent tricks, and unique visuals.

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