How To Create A Brand Book – Inspiration For Creating Your Brand Book

When it’s come to building a memorable brand, it’s all about consistency. For example, when you are shopping for your favorite coffee at the grocery store, you want to be able to spot it from a mile away. The outstanding brand stock is in our brains because their presence is reflected by the consistency of the logo, color, message, and images. Once we see them enough, they become instantly recognizable, bringing us a clear sense of reliability and security. 

Developing a successful brand image starts with creating a brand book or style guide. These branding rules help designers, developers, community managers, and the product handling department all stay on the same page and present a clear and uni- vision to the public. In the blog, we will go over what is needed to create your brand book along with some inspirational examples of them already in the market to use as inspiration for your next branding project. 

How to Create a Brand Book

Netflix, Starbucks. Do these brands sound familiar to you? 

Well, we bet you already pictured each of them in your mind. Starting from the logo, color, image, and even their work you know each and everything each brand has. Interesting how people remember and a brand can speak to keep its recognition alive. This is what great branding can do!

Do you know what else they have in common? Any idea?

A brand of bible! Confused… More known as a brand book.

It is a comprehensive document where each aspect of external and internal branding is well constructed. These are the key factors that help the brand to be consistent on all the communication channels. If you are unsure how to create a brand, we will show you how to create one. 

Keep in Mind Mission Statement

Firstly, add a mission statement to the brand book with the logo. The mission statement should be established and generally available for years. It’s good practice to tell people what your company does and what the purpose of your brand is. The mission statement clearly states your company’s purpose, tells the world’s objective and shows the way you serve. 

Core Values

While the mission statement should remain consistent throughout the years, in the vision statement you can express your company’s present and plans. It changes with time and growth. Copy down your core values so you can achieve your set goals. 

Brand Persona

Add brand persona in the book. It is an important element that helps you set the tone for your brand messaging. This concept is all about how you want to represent your company. It also tells what people will notice when interacting with your brand. For example, you can define your brand in 3-5 adjectives that best describe your business. Nothing else that logo can do, wonder what it can. Your book headers must contain a logo. It’s the façade of your brand. 

Add Brand Logo

The most important thing you should talk about in the brand book is the story of your company through the logo. It represents the identity and makes your brand stand out from others. 

Examples of Brand Books

Let’s take a look at a few examples whose brand book stands out and brings them huge success. 

Apple Company

The half eaten logo is the most recognizable logo in the world but it is merely a fraction of what makes this brand so memorable. Its brand book is made for internal use and for use by retailers of apple to reap the same benefits.  It has all the necessary guidance that is necessary for all communication channels. 

Samsung Mobile

Samsung is a diversified brand and its book contains standards that define this brand. It contains elements such as proof points, visual standards, and other rules that need to be the same at all levels. 


The world’s top ride-hailing app has a stylist brand book that contains the following elements: logo, color, composition, and much more. Each section in the book is very detailed in a way it explains how every core element should be constructed for consistency. 

The Verdict

Build a valuable brand book that will recognize your brand and associate it with all the visual cues. We hope you were inspired by the examples and we wish you luck in creating a timeless style brand book.

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