Fanta Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution

Fanta Logo Design – History, Meaning and Evolution

Back in the 1940s, Coca-Cola was used to energise soldiers on the front lines. However, a Nazi fleet closed vital supply channels, resulting in many stoppages. The situation was becoming urgent, so a daring strategy was devised. Rather than circumventing a blockade, they opted to establish a new plant directly in Europe.

That is when the history of the Fanta logo began. Apple scraps and buttermilk were incorporated in the very first mixture! The name, on the other hand, was more appealing. What is the significance of the name? It’s really a contraction of “Fantasy,” which was used to assist engineers in running production.

Thus, “Fanta” first appeared as a logo in 1940, and the Fanta symbol history began in 1940. The earliest logo consisted just of the word, and it sufficed at the time. Only the third logo variant has any basic visual design. Those three orange patches represented both gas bubbles and oranges. The most amusing aspect here is that Fanta did not always taste orange!

Evolution of the old Fanta logo

The first logo modification worthy of notice was made in the 1990s. They eventually came up with a workable colour scheme. The brand was easily recognised due to the use of blue, orange, and green colours. The Fanta logo typeface was used, which was clean and concise. More modifications occurred with the arrival of the new millennium, although overarching brand identities remained unchanged.

History of the Fanta logo

The majority of design experiments were carried out in the recent decade. First and foremost, they changed the trim font. Jabberwub and Amoeba are the closest analogues. The bubble typeface, on the other hand, did not persist long. In 2017, the brand design saw a fresh round of substantial alterations.

Meaning of the Fanta logo

The primary trademark hue is orange, which appears in practically all logo variations and is the foundation of a “sunny” drink. Orange is a yellow-red hue that represents energy and passion and is considered an energetic colour.

Font for the Fanta brand

Many things have changed, but the most visible difference is the form of the bottle. The bottle has morphed into a spiral and asymmetric shape. Perhaps it was meant to look like a freshly squeezed, juicy orange. The form gist, however, is not mirrored in the logo.

A sharp typeface was used in place of the rounded and bubbled one. Nonetheless, the typeface is a Fanta-exclusive design. The logo has also gotten more pointed. As a result, the only thing that the logo, typeface, and bottle have in common is most likely asymmetry.

The new Fanta logo has been met with scepticism by the crowd. According to some, the new design is overly twisted and irritating. And the bottle is shaped like spoilage. However, the age of the critics is far from the target market.

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